Thursday, September 26, 2013

Digital Collage

This scene that I created is a dream; which consist of many unusual things. In my dreams I tend to see unexpected things that are unfamiliar to the scene. I mainly see random things; that don't correspond. Either way, to me, a dream has many unexpected things that may not always make sense. Dreams make you interested and active. They keep you constantly questioning an unsure idea and wondering about small details. It is said that your daily life has an influence on your dreams. This scene contains many things I think about in my daily life.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Good Art vs. Bad Art

                                                                         Good Art
In my opinion, I think artwork that is unique or appealing can be considered good art. Something that makes good art good is when the artwork portrays a meaning or emphasizes an idea. I appreciate a certain type of artwork that has vivid colors or a detailed design; rather than an artwork which contains dull colors or little or no detail.   

Bad Art
I think bad art is artwork that is unattractive or a common idea. Something that makes bad art bad is an artwork without meaning or any detail that symbolizes any idea. I don't appreciate art that is not useful or has no meaning.